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Persian Eye Oud Pegs


Persian Eye Oud Pegs

Ebony /Rosewood, durable woods for Oud pegs. Ebony offers strength and dark elegance, while Rosewood exhibits robustness and captivating grain patterns. Ideal choices for long-lasting, beautiful pegs. Experience the pull of our Ebony or Rosewood-made Persian Eye Oud pegs. These pegs are crafted from high-quality ebony wood and offer a secure fit and comfortable playing. The exquisite Persian/Eye design adds an artistic touch, while the rich tone enhances your Oud’s resonance.

 The Persian Eye Oud pegs are crafted using high-quality ebony wood or rosewood known for its strength and durability. The pegs feature an exquisite Persian adding a touch of artistic elegance to your Oud instrument. Designed to fit standard Oud instruments, making them suitable for a wide range of models and styles. Whether you’re practicing, recording, or performing live, these pegs deliver consistent and reliable performance to enhance your musical experience.

Persian Eye Oud Pegs

Key features
  • Material: High-quality ebony /Rosewood wood
  • Design: Persian/Eye design
  • Fit: Standard size for Oud instruments
  • Tone: Rich and warm
  • Installation: Easy to install
  • Compatibility: Suitable for various Oud models and styles
  • Durability: Crafted for long-lasting performance and durability
  • Size: Standard dimensions to fit most Ouds
  • Quantity: Typically sold in a set of 11 or 12 pegs
  • Length: Approximately 8-10 cm. (3-4 inches)
  • Diameter: Approximately 6-8 mm. (0.24-0.31 inches)
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